E9 Branches Out, Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live (videos, photos)

E9 is making incredible strides in his or her path to becoming an independent eagle. On March 9 and March 10, E9 was seen branching or clasping his or her talons around branches and moved further away from the nest. E9’s progress is incredible to watch and it won’t be long before our beloved eaglet takes flight and fledges. You can watch the live streaming Southwest Florida eagle cam in the video playlist above.  Check out the full playlist for other camera views.

On March 9, 2017, Lady Hawke captured a portion of the live streaming video where E9 flew hopped on to the veranda branch and made his or he way higher than before. E9 is showing great bravery and is a delight to watch. In the beginning of the video, you’ll see E9 display his or her curious personality as a feather catches E9’s eye.

Here are some photos of E9 captured on March 9 and March 10.

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