Watch Lady Gaga Bring Motivation to Super Bowl 51 And Monday Viewers (video)

On Feb. 5, 2017, Lady Gaga jumped off a roof, floated to a stage, dropped a mic and gave an amazing halftime performance that left social media talking and motivated people on Monday morning. You can watch the full Pepsi/Lady Gaga halftime show in the video player above. The Super Bowl 51 game between the Patriots and the Falcons was one for the history books and may go down as the most eventful and exciting game of all time. Of course, the first half of the game was nothing to brag about as the Patriots were losing miserably. However; by the end of the game,Tom Brady kicked it into full gear proving himself the ultimate quarterback in footbal history.

Maybe Lady Gaga’s performance helped motivate the Patriots! What do you think?

Some thought Lady Gaga would have made a political statement, but the only statement was her opening songs with love and tribute for America. The only complaints were that Lady Gaga didn’t sing enough songs! Watch the full performance above and share your thoughts!

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