Latest E9, M15 and Harriet Update: Watch Eagle Cam Live From Florida (videos, photos)

There are new developments and updates in our favorite Florida eagles E9, M15 and Harriet. First, you can watch the live streaming eagle cam in the top video. The second playlist features videos captured by YouTube user WskrsnWings who has visited the eagle’s site located in North Fort Myers, Florida multiple times and provides live, nest activity reports. While we have video footage from Feb 16, 2017, captured from the official Dick Pritchett live stream, the videos WskrsnWings shares offer a whole new perpective of the eagles’ actiity. She has captured fascinating videos of E9, M15 and Harriet as well as some juvinille eagle intruders who ciruclated near the nest. One of the most exciting moments captured yesterday featured E9 with wings outstretched and talons off the nest for a few seconds. These are wonderful developments as E9 prepares for his or her first flight. You can watch a full video showing the action below, followed by a couple of screenshots from the video.



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