Live Animals

The above is a featured playlist of the top, live streaming animal videos from Youtube Live. You can easily access the live player and choose the videos you want to watch in the player above. There are up to 100 live streaming videos featured every day from the best live streaming sports videos right now. To scroll through the featured videos, simply click the toggle button in the upper left-hand corner of the video player. You can also resize the video screen to full size.

Not all live animal cams are included in the playlist above. Here is a growing number of animal cams we’ve added to the site for your viewing. Also, we have a large number of eagle cams we’re following and have a special page reserved solely for eagles.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Guide (follow Harriet, M15 and E9, Season 5)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Penguin Cams from California Academy of Sciences

Sea Otters at Monterey Bay Watch Three Feeding Shows Every Day

Watch Giraffe Give Birth Live Streaming Online (April and Ollie)

Decorah Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online

Decorah North Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online

ECC, MPDC Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online

Live Panda Cam (Panda bear family from Zoo Atlanta)

Live Puppy Cam

Live Safari (Live streams twice per day)

Cornell Lab Bird Cams: Bermuda Cahow

Cornell Lab Bird Cams: Live Bird Feeder

Great Horned Owl Live Cam (Alessondra’s) Hatch Watch

Live Tiger Cam

Polar Bears Cam

Djuma Game Reserve Live Cam

Deer Cam

Live Shark Cam

Kitten Academy Live Streaming Cam


Featured Image: Designed by kjpargeter / Freepik