Live Cable Channels (Premium)

HBO Go (on demand) HBO Now (live streaming)  HBO on Amazon Channels (on demand)

Cinemax Go (live streaming) Cinemax Amazon Channel

Showtime Anytime Showtime Hulu Subscription Showtime Amazon Channel

The Movie Channel (packaged with Showtime)

Starz Direct (a la carte subscription) Starz Amazon Channel

When you have a cable or satellite provider and subscribe to a premium cable channel, you have multiple ways of watching channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel and Starz online, live streaming and on demand. Your subscription to services like DirecTV or Comcast will allow you to download apps and log in to them. Each cable and satellite company provides its own apps as well. You can find these apps in your favorite mobile store.

Those who want to bypass a cable or satellite subscription can order premium cable channels a la carte.