Live Eagle Cams

We have a large number of live streaming eagle cams that we are following. Instead of adding the links to the live animals page, we’re making a new page specifically for the eagles. The video player above is actually a playlist. As more live eagle cams stream online, they will be added to the playlist. Just click on the lines in the upper left-hand corner and the video streams will show. You can toggle from one live eagle cam to another. The links below also feature live eagle cams but they are hosted on sites other than YouTube (except for the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam) which is consistently one of YouTube’s top trending videos. Eagle season is here and it’s time to enjoy watching these glorious birds that are the symbol of our nation, as well as the power of survival (bald eagles are no longer endangered) in their native habitats. You can also follow along on our Facebook page: Live Eagle Cam.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (follow Harriet, M15 and E9, Season 5)

Berry College Eagle Cam (Welcome to the World B8 and B9)

Decorah Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online

Decorah-North Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online

ECC, MPDC Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online