M15 Eye Irritation, E9 Stands and Harriet Stands Guard: Watch Live Eagle Cam (videos, photos)

If you’re watching the Southwest Florida Eagle cam live stream you might have noticed that M15 is suffering from an eye ailment. M15 arrived at the nest on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, with a closed eye, blood on his beak and claws, drawing concern from those who saw the bird’s startling sight. It is expected that M15 will make a full recovery; however, that hasn’t stopped many from worrying about the long-term health of E9’s father. Stay tuned as we’ll provide the latest update on M15’s condition. You may see photos of M15’s eye as captured in video by Lady Hawk below

In addition to M15’s eye, E9 made great strides this weekend and was seen standing and walking around the nest. M15 buried the egg earlier this weekend and though it is still visible, it is no longer the companion to E9 as it once was. E9 picked up nesting materials and was seen carrying them across the nest. Check out photos of E9 and the buried egg below.

Are you watching E9 and the live eagle cam? E9 has several more months before taking flight and it is certain to be an exciting event.


Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She writes for the Inquistir and was first to break the news about the April the giraffe and the live cam streaming from Animal Adventure Park. She enjoys writing about television, entertainment, and live animal cams.

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