Updates As Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Remains Temporarily Down (videos, photos)

If you’re one of the countless Southwest Florida eagle cam viewers who feels dismayed that the cam has been down, you may be having withdrawals right about now. One follower visited the nest in person and took photos to provide the public with an update on Harriet, M15 and the adorable eaglet E9. Those visiting the nest in person are sharing their updates, reports and latest news on the Hancock Wildlife Foundation thread for the Southwest Florida eagle cam.

The newest photos were taken on Jan. 15, 2017, and show shots of the nest. Because the eagle cams were able to see directly into the nest, the photos don’t provide an aerial view. Still, you can see clear shots of Harriet and M15 perched over the nest and all updates from Dick Pritchett provide continually assurance that E9 is safe, healthy and well.  On Monday, Jan. 16, 2017, User Whiskrsnwings was able to get a photo of E9 and Harriet sitting by the edge of the nest. You can clearly see E9 is growing more feathers.

Unfortunately, there is still no time frame as to when the cams will be back up and running.

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Posted by TV Witch Latest News on Monday, January 16, 2017

You can follow Wskrsnwings on Youtube. Check out her latest playlist below along with video footage from Jan. 14, 2017.


Image shared by WskrsnWings check out her YouTube page.


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