Watch Amazing Video: Bald Eagle Steals Go Pro

There’s a new viral video taking over the Internet. Matt Beedle, who lives in Juneau, Alaska, wanted to get some amazing footage of bald eagles. He put a fish near his GoPro when the unthinkable happened — the bald eagle swooped down, took the fish and also took the GoPro! Beedle was hoping for a close-up but the resulting video was more than anyone could imagine. You literally feel as if you’re soaring with the eagles in this fascinating video!

Check it out below.

If you’re wondering how Matt Beedle got his GoPro back and was able to view the footage, you aren’t alone. After the ordeal, Beedle returned to the location the next morning and searched through the trees. Finally, he found his GoPro and shared the footage.

You can find out more about this incredible story at the official GOPro website.

You can watch more eagle action with the live eagle cams below.



Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She writes for the Inquistir and was first to break the news about the April the giraffe and the live cam streaming from Animal Adventure Park. She enjoys writing about television, entertainment, and live animal cams.

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