Watch Baby Fiona the Hippo Take Her First Steps (videos, photos)

Watch Baby Fiona the Hippo Take Her First Steps: Video Below

On Jan. 24, 2017, a premature hippo calf named Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoo. She was expected to arrive in March and her mother is Bibi, a 17-year-old hippopotamus and her father is Henry a 35-year-old hippo. Following Fiona’s birth, public attention has been great as many want to know how the baby calf is doing. The Cincinnati Zoo has published updates, photos and latest news regarding baby Fiona since her birth through social media networks. As Fiona was premature, she immediately received critical care and 24/7 attention. Fiona was born weighing 29 pounds when most hippos are born weighing approximately 54 pounds.

The road hasn’t been easy for Fiona and many people have prayed and sent positive healing vibes to the premature hippo hoping she will grow and become healthy, strong and thrive. The most encouraging news occurred on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017. Fiona is learning to drink her own formula which is crucial as she must become an independent eater. Not only did Fiona drink her formula, but she took her first steps

You can find out more about the Cincinnati Zoo at their official website, on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram. Check out some of Fiona’s memorable moments as she learns how to walk in the Twitter moments below. You can see the Cincinnati Zoo’s recent tweets at the bottom of this article. Follow Baby Fiona the Hippo‘s latest news, updates and progress at her blog.


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