Watch ‘Botched’ As Doctors Help Transgender Model Shauna Brooks After Cheekbones Sawing Goes Wrong

Remember folks, when cosmetic surgeons want to get you in their office, they only show you the best before photos. The television show Botched is here to remind us that there are plenty of plastic surgery procedures that have gone wrong. Airing on the E! network on Sunday nights, the latest Botched episode featured transgender model Shauna Brooks who sought the doctors help after enduring cheekbones sawing (yes, that’s a real procedure) and silicone injections that went wrong. Another woman had silicone implants who needed reconstructive surgery. You may see a clip from Botched Season 4, Episode 3 below.

Shauna’s story serves as a cautionary tale especially for those who are transgender. Shauna began taking black-market hormones when she was 14-years-old and began a journey of dangerous cosmetic procedures to become more feminine. Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif counseled Shauna and warned her of the life-threatening risks involved with silicone injections.



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