Watch C-Span Live Streaming Online and On-Demand (videos)

C-Span is a cable network that provides some of the best political news coverage you’ll find. As the nation becomes more polarized, it’s hard to find a cable news network that isn’t slanted one way or the other. C-Span is a breath of fresh air as they are forbidden to get political on the air. They hold fast to true journalistic standards, so if you’re watching live coverage of an event, a political debate or breaking news, you won’t get a lot of feedback from hosts giving their opinion or slamming views. You will hear different opinions and views from callers who call in, but never from the hosts.

C-Span is only available with a cable or satellite subscription, and for those who want to follow politics without any spin at all, C-Span is the way to go.

Those who have a cable or satellite subscription can log in to the official website and watch C-Span’s three channels online.

Here are links to watch C-Span 1, C-Span 2 and C-Span 3.


Check out C-Span’s 360 views in the video playlist below.


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