Watch Full Episode: Saturday Night Live Returns With Alec Baldwin as ‘SNL Trump’ (videos)

Saturday Night Live returned to NBC on Jan. 14, 2017, following its mid-season, winter hiatus. Also making his return is the newest character “SNL Trump”.  Played by Alec Baldwin, SNL Trump has become quite the controversial character as some feel the president-elect deserves a bit more respect. Others argue that Trump is the one who has sparked controversy regarding his words and deeds, therefore he’s open game. Despite the controversy, one thing is certain: SNL Trump causes people to talk and last night’s episode was no exception.

Coming off a recent press conference where the President-Elect discussed Russian hacking, an unverified report published by BuzzFeed, accusing him of distasteful and horrific behavior in Russia and then engaged in a verbal altercation with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, where he accused him and CNN of being “Fake News.” The accusation came after CNN ran a story about the unverified BuzzFeed report. You can watch Donald Trump’s press conference in the video player below, followed by the full Saturday Night Live episode featuring “SNL Trump”.


#SNL #SaturdayNightLive #Trump #SNLTrump Here is the full SNL episode for Jan. 14, 2017. Do you think SNL is going too…

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[Image by Will Heath/NBC]

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