Watch Live: Ariana Grande Terror Attack (Video)

Breaking News! Check back for updates! Terror attack at Ariana Grande concert. Live video coverage. The CNN stream may break to other news. The CBS stream is currently covering the Ariana Grande terror attack.

At approximately 10:35 p.m. in Manchester, England, the GM Police (Greater Manchester Police) notified people on social media networks that an “incident” had taken place at the Manchester Arena. They warned people to stay away from the area while they investigated the matter. Shortly after issuing the warning, the GM Police released a statement saying that shortly before 10:35 p.m. on Monday, May 22, 2017, an explosion took place at the Manchester Arena. The explosion occurred as people were leaving the Ariana Grande concert. Many children and teens were in attendance. The death toll is currently at 19 and may rise. At least 50 people are injured. The situation is being treated as a terrorist attack.

A heartbreaking scene of utter chaos and pandemonium ensued as concertgoers ran for their lives. Parents stood outside the arena’s gates waiting for their children only to be gripped with fear as people tried to contact their loved ones. Here is a video clip that was taken from the scene moments after the explosion.

The Manchester Arena was evacuated while police officers secured the area and helped usher the wounded, injured, and frazzled concertgoers. An emergency number has been set up for those who need assistance finding loved ones.

Those who live in the area reported hearing the explosion than seeing emergency response vehicles and ambulances move through the area. Reporter for the Guardian was on the scene and captured photos of the immediate aftermath.

A bomb disposal unit was quickly on the scene securing the area from further explosions.



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