Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live: Jan. 30 Weekend Update, My How E9 Has Grown (videos, photos)

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands who’ve kept watch over Harriet, M15, and E9, the Southwest Florida Eagles, you might have noticed significant changes in E9’s appearance this week. E9 is now 30 days old and is growing by leaps and bounds. His or her feathers are coming in quickly and the eaglet is nearly 1 foot tall in height. Over the weekend, E9 enjoyed treats of fish and opossum and was seen self-feeding for the first time. Harriet and M15 are spending bits of time away from the nest and E9 continues to enjoy learning independence. There’s still several months to go before we see E9 take first flight, but there is plenty to witness in the meantime.

You may watch the live streaming, Southwest Florida Eagle cam that streams 24/7 in the video player at the top of this page. The other videos are a playlist by YouTube user LadyHawk and feature many monumental moments experienced by E9, Harriet and M15 this season. Dick Pritchett operates the eagle cam from North Myers, Florida. You may see photos of the tree and lake where Harriet and M15 fish from in the photo slideshow below.

Here is a video that was taken by LadyHawk from the Southwest Florida Eagle cam that features E9 eating opossum. You can even see E9 as he or she chomp’s down on the opossum’s tail. Note, watching live wildlife videos such as the streaming eagle cam is not for the squeamish.Eagles don’t regularly clean their nests, instead, they bury debris and then when the nest becomes unusable, simply abandon it. The nest is beginning to become filled with half eaten fish, small birds and the nonviable egg is still clearly seen.

Also featured are videos by YouTube user SperantaExista 1. There is a playlist with more than 100 videos of some of E9’s greatest developments and if you watch the videos, you’ll see that E9 has darker markings, more pin feathers, is much larger in size and is gaining in physical stature.

Here are some photos from the live streaming Southwest Florida Eagle cam and E9’s developments over the weekend.

Happy birthday E9! You’re one month old!



Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She writes for the Inquistir and was first to break the news about the April the giraffe and the live cam streaming from Animal Adventure Park. She enjoys writing about television, entertainment, and live animal cams.

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