Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Stream: E9 Grows And Thrives [Videos, Photos]

If you like to watch the Southwest Florida Eagle cam and discover the latest adventures of E9, Harriet and M15, you aren’t alone. Now that the cam is up and running again, there are lots of great sights to see and events to witness. E9 continues to grow and thrive each day and is continually spreading his or her wings. You can see E9 enjoying daily feedings, napping and moving about the nest. There are more moments when E9 is in the nest alone and the nonviable egg that failed to hatch remains in the nest. E9 was born on Dec. 31, 2016, making it easy to track the eaglet’s age. You can watch the Southwest Florida Eagle cam streaming live online in the video player above.

Photos, Slideshow: Scenes from the Eagles’ Nest

Here is a wonderful video playlist featuring many of E9’s moments from the beginning. The playlist is updated on a daily basis and is provided by YouTube user LadyHawk.

Are you following the Southwest Florida Eagle cam? It is life in the wild and sometimes we see things we’d wish we hadn’t. One of the most heartbreaking events in this year’s nesting season occurred when the second egg failed to hatch. Many people watched expectedly after E9 hatched on New Year’s eve, hoping the second eaglet would soon follow. Day after day people waited, yet the egg never hatched. The egg is still in the nest and E9 can be seen in the feature photo above sleeping directly next to the egg.


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